From 2019.10 - 2021.1, I have been unemployed, stay at home for a long time.

From 2021.1 - now, I work for a game company as a backend programer.

Time flies fast, 2021 was a hard-working year, I think I changed a lot: behavior and mind.

As a former unemployed and an employee for now, I can truly understand young people who don’t want to work: requirements are endless, you have to make it fast and great.

Making value is much harder than before, there will be many new workforce every year, they are cheaper and obedienter, you and your boss both know that, if you are not special, you will under the presure of replacement.

In my opinion: if you want to have a better life, work is not the only way, even you are in china, but you have to make your everyday different. if everyday is the same, how could your life change?

So the first key is making your everyday different.

The fastest learning way is not reading or teaching, it’s imitating, especially when you imitate a master of the field.

So the second key is finding the master of the field you focus.

Action force is a valuable, for most of young people, they cannot restrict themself, they need extended force to limit them. To achieve this, finding the goals for them is a way, finding teammate to work together is a way, giving them suitable pressure is a way.

So the third key is giving you action force.

OK, we find out three keys to change your life, as you can see, although going to work is not the only way, a good company could offer you the three things we mentioned.

So here are my advices:

  1. Going to work is a way to make your life better, not a task you have to do

  2. If you are unemployed, develop direction is much important than a temporary job

  3. If you find a company could offer you:

    1. making your everyday different
    2. finding the master of the field you focus
    3. giving you action force

    Don't miss it!


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