• Parasomnia

    The end of an era and never look back.
    Don’t repeat history, make it!

    Word before leaving SAGI.

    2022-07-27 20:30:44

  • Parasomnia

    After reopening QZone, I realized that I haven’t changed.
    As the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind.
    Being a work machine is perhaps not bad if it can make me forget pain of life temporarily.
    Leaving for better meeting.

    Words before as a dev in SAGI.

    2021-10-04 23:04:12

  • Parasomnia

    Join SAGI GAMES!!

    Word before working in SAGI.

    2021-01-16 04:12:24

  • Parasomnia

    Peaceful times

    This time is like no other for us in living memory
    (Long may it last.)
    Breathe the air, take in the feeling of peace and harmony!
    Freedom can fly, close to the sky
    Now we can shine, Peace in time, we've never had it so good!

    Through sacrifice, children can play in a world without a care
    (Now that we know)
    All is safe, learn from the past and through knowledge we can share
    All of the good, all of the time
    Spirit is high, Peace in time, we've never had it so good!

    Word before watching PV of EVA new film.

    2020-11-16 02:14:36

  • Parasomnia

    Parasomnia has gone and left a copy of him there.
    Would tomorrow become better?
    Whatever goodbye Sept,2020.

    By the way, a new image released.


    Word before Oct,2020 coming.

    2020-09-29 12:01:08