Our company assign a leader to talk about work status with employee on the end of year. usually the leader is from the career line, for me, my leader is our CTO,wang yang(call him peter later)

the talk contains the situation of work in this year, the plan of next year, what you should do ,what you should be improved and advices. (call this one-one)

of course, I have already one-one, here is the story comes.


his review to me is like this:


  1. As an IT operator, you are professional, such as company’s network optimization, hardware statistics, You can work in a science way.
  2. Developing HR library’s full stack and some landing pages by yourself.
  3. Developing MJP(our company’s platform) just with a little bit help.
  4. You can get the way by yourself and find problems and solutions in current project, you did a good job.


  1. Anxiety: don't worry, you just need time and opportunity.
  2. Control your emotion: don't make that delay your work.


  1. I have high expectation on you, it’s uncommon that having a science learning way, keep going.
  2. Thanks for your hard working in this year, if you did what you thought, you will improve a lot.
  3. You know your weakness, try to adjust it.

goals to next year:

  1. keep focus, try to understand MJP deeply and move them into K8s.
  2. Have more experience on server framework, such as reading source code fluently, know how popular frameworks work and how they get organized.
  3. Know more about common problem solution, reading classic tech books, having basic concept of common server issues.

It seems all right, it’s much better than I thought(I ranked my self C, he ranks me B+)

So I suggested to increase my salary and he accepted.

Not end

Next day, he called me again, the talk is short, gave me three informations:

  1. He said many encourage words yesterday.
  2. Peter has told my suggestion to our HR, it’s done.
  3. Salary is not for potential, it’s for ability, I need to do better in next year to fit salary-increment.

My thoughts

  1. His encouragement for my anxiety, perhaps I’m not that good in this year.(same as my feeling)
  2. He will give higher requirements next year.
  3. I don't know if I can hold the coming challenge.
  4. Next year will be really important, Am I good or not.(I want the answer)
  5. Whatever, next year will be really hard(work is on the list), don’t escape and give up.
  6. If I’m good enough, It doesn't matter how others think of me.

Writing for past 2021 and upcoming 2022’s challenges.


此 生 无 悔 恋 真 白 ,来 世 愿 入 樱 花 庄 。